"Plešouni" is a series designed for children whose parents must address the subject of cancer treatment with them.

Initiating such discussions can be challenging, and our series is dedicated to easing this process.

Our goal is to support children, their parents, friends, and classmates through treatment.

Across thirteen episodes, we address difficult questions and provide insights into what children can anticipate during treatment, empowering them to confront the illness that has invaded their bodies. Using a unique hybrid technique, we blend live-action footage with animation to create an engaging viewing experience.

Our two guides are Tobík and Ema, two animated characters who courageously battle the disease themselves.



And even more so when it's diagnosed in a child. A little one who's just starting to explore the world and already has to face this monster. The goal of "Baldies" is to rid children of their fear of the unknown and inform both them and their parents about what will happen during the demanding treatment.

The driving force behind the project is the talented young artist Eliška Podzimková, who herself went through a successful cancer treatment. She perceives the playful and understandable format of the series as the best way to guide sick children and their loved ones through something they couldn't have imagined before. Thirteen episodes full of important information and adventures will provide them with support, facts, and hope. Because, as everyone in the class knows, hope never dies. It's been proven that a positive attitude is one of the crucial factors in recovery.

"Baldies" have received sponsorship from the European Society for Pediatric Oncology, Clinic of Oncological Treatment in Motol Hospital and the American Cancer Society.

Záštita KDHO


Every year, 300,000 children hear an unimaginably cruel verdict: “you have cancer”. Cancer does not discriminate - it affects children regardless of their nationality, gender, or family circumstances.

Unfortunately, most of us will encounter cancer in our lives among our loved ones. "Baldies" will help us understand what happens in the bodies of these little warriors and all they must go through.

Fortunately, the success rate of treatment continues to increase, reaching a remarkable 82% in 2019.


The creation of Baldies was inspired by animated classics - the French series "Once Upon a Time... Life" from 1987 and the American short film "Welcome to My Life" from 2014. Their entertaining yet understandable, educational style captivated the creator of Baldies and served as the visual inspiration for the series.

The plot, individual stories, and themes of Baldies are designed after consultations with renowned doctors and under the guidance of experienced dramaturges.

The series is being produced as a co-production involving the Czech Republic, France, the USA, the UK, and Belgium, with a budget of 36 million Czech crowns. Czech Television is also involved in the development.



Courageous, funny, occasionally mischievous, but above all, very curious. He's nine years old and knows he's sick. What he doesn't know, he wants to find out. "Why is my hair falling out?", "What is chemotherapy?", "How should I eat and drink during treatment?". Toby is full of questions, and with his two buddies, he seeks answers to them.


Toby's best buddy. They met at the hospital, and since then, they've been inseparable. Ema has already gone through a significant part of her treatment, so she knows the ropes. She's like a little doctor in a big way. She never takes off her stethoscope, and when it's necessary to explain what's happening inside the body, she's quick to take the lead.


At first glance, it might look like an ordinary toy, but for Toby, it's so much more - a magical car that can take him wherever he wishes. To the doctor, inside the body among the cells, or maybe even to visit a former patient.

And it can fly, change size, make crazy sounds, and, what's more, it never runs out of juice.


Eliška Podzimková (1992)

The creator of the concept and visual style of the series, Eliška Podzimková (born in 1992), graduated from the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček with a focus on Animated Art. During her time in New York, she collaborated with Vogue magazine, chef Jamie Oliver, and the New York magazine Metro, for which she illustrated the cover. Upon returning home, she created the "Dokreslené Česko" (Illustrated Czech Republic) section for iDnes, collaborated with Tomáš Klus on the graphic design of his concert tour, and held her first solo exhibition titled "Polojasno." Her latest project is the book Little Prince and an interactive exhibition of the same name.


Jiří Sládek (1989)

Jiří Sládek (born in 1989) is also a graduate of the Film Academy of Miroslav Ondříček, specializing in Audiovisual Art. His student films have received awards at festivals both in the Czech Republic and abroad, and his film "Pan Pozdě" even had screenings in Japanese cinemas. He has directed a feature film called "Polednice," starring Aňa Geislerová and Daniela Kolářová, and also created a successful documentary called "Nejsledovanější" about the phenomenon of YouTube. In addition to his filmmaking career, Jiří Sádek founded the advertising and production company COFILM, which supports young talents.


COFILM is a Czech film and television production company based in Prague, founded in 2016. It specializes in animated content and content for young audiences, including feature documentaries, films, and television series. In 2017, the company made its cinema debut with the documentary film "Nejsledovanější," which explored the phenomenon of Czech YouTubers. The film became the most-watched documentary of 2017. COFILM is a member of the Association of Producers in Audiovisual and the Association of Animated Film.


The professional aspect of Baldies is overseen by Siope, the European Society for Pediatric Oncology. This organization represents all professionals involved in pediatric oncology throughout Europe.


In the Czech Republic, our professional partner is the Department of Pediatric Hematology and Oncology at Motol University Hospital, which provides comprehensive pediatric oncological care for patients of all ages. It includes several inpatient departments, including ICU and transplant units, specialized outpatient clinics, a day care center, and a laboratory.

MUDr. Lucie Hrdličková


MUDr. Lucie Hrdličková

Mudr. Markéta Racková


MUDr. Markéta Racková

Tomáš Boček


Tomáš Boček


Plešatá APP

But the series doesn't end there! Tobík and Ema will also help young patients on their mobile phones or tablets through a special application. Here, they can record how much they drank during the day, if they felt sick, and more. This information assists doctors and their teams to properly adjust and monitor the course of treatment.

All episodes of the series will be available for viewing, along with many other useful features. These include exercise tutorials led by a professional physiotherapy team and video recipes for simple meals curated by a professional nutrition therapist.

In 2022, Plešouni became a non-profit organization known as Plešouni z.ú.

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